Elena Mignani

Neotraditional Tattoo Artist
dark & gothic aesthetic

Elena Mignani

Neo-traditional Tattoo Artist
dark & gothic aesthetic
for tattoo lovers

One-of-a-kind Neotraditional Tattoos

Passionate about symbolism and Gothic Style, I created my unique Neotraditional tattoos by combining the classical features of this specific tattoo style with the unmistakable traits of Gothic aesthetics, giving a completely new shape and a darker vibe to the classic Neotraditional tattoos.

What makes my Tattoo Style perfect for you.


✣ Custom and tailored designs that bring to life your idea.

✣ Unique aesthetic and style for collectors and tattoo lovers.

✣ Your idea will be interpreted with a dark and spooky twist to make the tattoo unique.

✣ Timeless tattoo style combining bold and thin lines.

✣ Black and grey tattoos with the addition of one or just a few colours to make the tattoo pop.

✣ For people that love Neotraditional style tattoos with a twist.

tattoo portfolio

What I Create

your next tattoo project

Do you need advise about your next tattoo?


When struggling with visualizing or choosing where to start with your idea, my suggestion is always booking a consultation with me!


Having a consultation about your tattoo is extremely helpful. You will be able to get to know the Tattoo Studio, the design and tattoo process as well as having general guidance regarding your next tattoo experience.


We will work together and mix our visions to create a unique piece that will surpass your expectations ♥


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How It Works

Custom Tattoos

I will give a shape to your tattoo by mixing our visions, translating and shaping your idea into my style. Communication and creative freedom is essential in order to create a unique Neotraditional tattoo.



Tattooing professionally since 2017.  I took a Tattoo Course in Rome where I also studied dermatology and hygiene. Trying to better my self everyday and using top-quality material for a great tattoo experience.


The design will be created to fit the area on your body, to make it perfectly flow with your shapes. A mixture of bold and thin lines, to create a long-lasting Neotraditional piece that will look beautiful as years go by.